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This is one of three units in the God’s Design for Heaven and Earth series by Debbie and Richard Lawrence. It contains 35 hands-on elementary lessons about the earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Lessons include Introduction to Earth Science, The Earth’s History, Structure of the Atmosphere, Introduction to Meteorology, Weather vs. Climate, Pre-Flood Climate, Water Cycle, Cloud Formation, Cloud Types, Precipitation, Air Masses and Weather Fronts, Wind, Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Weather Instruments, Forecasting, Overview of the Oceans, Composition of Salt Water, Waves, Tides, Wave Erosion, Sea Exploration, Ocean Floor, and Coral Reefs. The major project for this unit is setting up a weather station. Seven quizzes and one unit test are included along with answers in the back of the book. 134 pages, paperback, 8½”x11”. 
Includes both the student book and the teacher book with CD-ROM.

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