Microscope #400-TBL-10-3

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Use both eyes with this high-quality stereo microscope. For serious use in teaching and industrial applications, it is a very sturdy scope with built-in base lighting as well as a reliable built-in top light (switch in base has three positions: top, off and bottom). This scope is ideal for dissecting work and for viewing opaque 3-dimensional specimens at medium-low magnification (the paired objectives are 3x and the eyepieces are 10x, giving a working magnification of 30x). The 11” high scope has a heavy cast metal base with stain-resistant baked-on finish. The vertical binocular head has smooth rack & pinion focus as well as vertical and 360° movement. We have found the viewing of common opaque objects such as coins and feathers to be a fascinating experience with this scope. The image is upright (non-reversed) and very clear. Comes with rubber eyepiece shields and vinyl dust cover. Carries a Lifetime Limited Waranty from National Optical.

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