Heaven & Earth (Set of 6)

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All books in the series have the same user-friendly features: read-aloud sections, hands-on activities to reinforce the lessons, application questions to wrap up the lesson, quizzes, and a unit test. The "Special Feature” articles contain fun facts and interesting stories about great scientists and other pieces of history. The lessons are short, easy to teach, and flexible. (30-45 minutes per day, 2-3 days per week.) You can teach multiple grades together; your child will learn to think critically and logically; a major unit project in each book ties the lessons together; and the science is taught from a biblical perspective and emphasizes God’s handiwork. The books do not have to be followed in any particular sequence, allowing for greater flexibility and a custom fit for your child’s individual interest. This set includes Our Universe, Our Weather and Water, Our Planet Earth. 
Includes both the student book and the teacher book with CD-ROM, for a total of 6 books.

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