Easygel Petri Dishes

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Need a topic? Need equipment? Grow microorganisms safety with this kit and the detailed instruction booklet it contains! The kit contains just a few simple supplies, but the Petri dishes are pretreated to react with the special easy-to-use Easygel growing medium. The kit is specially designed to use only these Petri dishes with only this Easygel. Special warnings are given not to use any of the contents of this kit with supplies from any other source. So, carefully following the directions for inoculating the Petri dishes provides a hassle free set up for growing colonies of bacteria. The 27-page instruction booklet goes through each step of the scientific method, offers numerous ideas for utilizing the supplies in the kit, and gives a plan of action for organizing your data for a science fair. Remember: You are exposing your family to bacteria. Safety is paramount! You’ll be amazed at the results of the experiments, but you must follow directions VERY carefully. Adult supervision recommended!Kit contains 6 pretreated disposable Easygel petri dishes, 6 bottles of Easygel nutrient culture medium, 6 sterile pipettes, 3 inch nickel-chrome wire, and instruction book. An additional supplies kit is available. The Wild Goose Company recommends this kit for ages 8 and up. Nature’s Workshop, Plus! recommends this kit for 11 and up with adult supervision!
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - This kit contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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