Droll 15" Seed Feeder

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We read wonderful descriptions about these well-built feeders and wondered how the manufacturer could claim to have "The World's Best Bird Feeders" and back up the claim with a lifetime warranty! So, our own curiosity overpowered our sense of apprehension and frugality, and we reluctantly bought a few samples to "examine". To our astonishment, we found ourselves more than pleasantly surprised at the excellent workmanship and heavy construction of these bird feeders. It's easy to see how the manufacturer could make this very bold claim! The warranty covers replacement or repair of all defective parts, free of charge, for as long as you own your Droll Yankee® feeders. These seed feeders feature:• Zinc die-cast metal tops to last a lifetime (all fittings are metal)• Tubes are UV-stabilized, clear, virgin polycarbonate to withstand the sun's rays• Feeding ports are off-set for maximum feeding access• Drain holes help keep food supply dry• Angled base and depressions insure birds can always reach even the last few seeds, avoiding residue build-up.

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