DISCONTINUED Rockets & Racer

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Have a blast investigating Newton’s Laws of Motion while converting potential energy into kinetic energy! The kit contains instructions and supplies for 10 investigations. Make a balloon rocket, balloon rocket car, homemade hovercraft, water dragster, rubber band race car, soap powered boat, foam flyer, and stomp rocket. Visit the parts department (kit) contained in the sturdy plastic carrying case and find 2 plastic cars, 3 drinking straws, 4 balloons, 4 rubber bands, 7 slotted craft sticks, plastic tubing, fishing line, foam boat shape, form glider, hovercraft cardboard disc, rubber stopper, rubber tire tread, spool, and a 36 page activity guide. You’ll need some simple supplies from your own parts department to complete the needed supplies list. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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