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Use information gained from the world of a tiny wonderland to learn about the scientific method. Learn the 5 steps of the scientific method: question, hypothesis, methods, result, and conclusion. Focus on fun and education operating on the premise that doing is learning! Chapter topics include The Scientific Method, Attracting and Maintaining Critters, Roly-Poly or Pill Bug Science, Wiggly Earthworms, Chirping Crickets, Many-Legged Millipedes, The Fungus that Creeps, Tadpoles to Toads, Pond Ecology in the Classroom, Ant Lions, Spooky Spiders, Praying Mantis, Baby Mantis, plus an entire section on insect life cycles. This book is packed with bug stuff! The narration is easy to read and understand. There are more than 100 hands-on experiments, each based on the scientific method. The book contains great ideas for science fairs, too. Author, Sally Kneidel. 223 pages, paperback, 8¼”x10¾”. Elementary- Jr.High.

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