Complete-A-Sketch V-2

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Complete-A-Sketch is a reproducible (for families) series of technical art books promoting the concept of teaching by doing. Concepts are simple and straight forward. Each page shows a small, completed picture in the upper-left-hand corner of the page. The balance of the page shows the same image with details and lines missing, but shows hints, critical intersections and line ends to define the image being drawn. Think of it as a complex dot-to-dot. After successfully completing a sketch, draw it again on a blank sheet of paper. Complete-A-Sketch aids the student in a number of ways. It teaches by example, encourages attention to detail, provides a basis for all types of precision drawing, promotes self directed learning, explores freehand and mechanical sketching, and hones fine motor skills. Each volume begins with basic shapes and quickly moves to more complex sketches. Complete-A-Sketch Volume 2—Isometric. This volume focuses on three-dimensional line art. Isometric projections are a useful method for showing multiple views of an object to represent even the most complex objects accurately. An empty isometric grid is included for your own designs. It is not necessary to begin with volume 1. Students as young as 8 years will benefit. 30 lessons.

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