Christian Kids Explore Biology

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Author and homeschool mother of three, Stephanie L. Redmond, has created this outstanding Biology course for students in grades 3-6. Adaptable on either side of the age range. It is written in conversational style and gives students the basic information needed, making this an ideal first course in life science. There are 35 lessons in the text covering: Creation, Cells, Taxonomy, Biosphere, Food Webs, Plants, Birds, Mammals, Human Anatomy, Reptiles, Insects, and Water Creatures, with sufficient detail for your elementary aged children. Coloring pages for each unit correspond to the topic being covered. A complete supplies list and vocabulary list begin each unit. She recommends two teaching sessions per week organized as follows: Session 1 - Memory work, discussion and review, daily completion of reading sheet, vocabulary, additional reading on the topic, etc. Session 2 - Memory work, hands-on time. Your students will be required to keep a science notebook to ensure proper organization and record keeping for the course. There are eight appendices in the back of the book, providing reproducible maps and forms, memorization lists, Scripture memory lists, coloring pages, recipes and supplemental activities, an answer key, and a resource list. The resource list is very extensive, making it a very important feature of the book! Mrs. Redmond recommends the Classic Education model of teaching, and this course fits into that philosophy perfectly. The book is easy to follow and well organized. (Note: After this course, if you want to do a more in-depth study in Botany, you might consider using Apologia’s new elementary course, Exploring Creation with Botany). 291 pages, paperback, 8 1/2"x11".

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