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Make your next visit to the zoo more than just fun—make it factual and fascinating too! You could even start a personal “creation zoo tours” ministry. Featuring more than 100 animals, the Zoo Guide includes beautiful pictures and explores the amazing facts and design features that point to our awesome Creator. Excellent gift for any one who loves animals! Spiral-bound. 220 pages.
Make your next visit to the natural history museum more than just entertaining—make it factual and fascinating too! Rather than being perplexed about the continual "millions of years" stories, you’ll be enlightened with a biblical perspective on such things as coal, diamonds, "apemen," whale "evolution," dinosaurs, the origin of life, and more! The true history behind more than 100 common museum exhibits, with beautiful pictures. Learn how to understand natural history from a biblical perspective. Excellent for school field trips to your favorite museum! Spiral-bound. 232 pages.

With aquariums around the world using God’s amazing creatures to teach evolution, Christians need information that gives them biblical truth. From the odd-shaped hammerhead shark and the powerful killer whale, to the colorful angelfi sh and the deadly lionfi sh, the Aquarium Guide covers more than 100 of God’s sea creatures and gives information about their features, their design, and much more. This spiral-bound book makes fi nding the truth about these animals easy. Spiral-bound. 220 pages.

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