All Hail the Power - Book

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This is a fine collection of hymn arrangements for solo piano. The challenge for arranger, Jonathan Reed, was to arrange hymns that are short enough to play in small allotments of time, but also challenging to play and pleasant for the listener. In many other arrangements, short pieces are usually too easy, and longer pieces take too long to play. He has done a wonderful job compiling and arranging this set of 52 hymns that meet the needs of the small church pianists. You’ll appreciate Jonathan’s lively style, and he gives the advancing pianist a “good workout”! The book is spiral bound and 105 pages. Jonathan has worked for Natures Workshop Plus for several years and has finished his master's degree in piano. He is a young man with a heart for the Lord and he gives God the glory for his talent! He is a brilliant young arranger and composer. We hope you enjoy playing these!

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