Deluxe Labware Kit By American Educational Products

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Conduct all sorts of experiments with the tools in this deluxe kit! Features a 120-page book entitled "101 Great Science Experiments". Kit contains 12 glass droppers, 6 each of 16x150mm glass test tubes, 3 rubber stoppers and 100 sheets of 4x4" filter paper. Also comes with one each of the following: 100ml glass beaker, 250ml glass beaker, 400ml glass beaker, 250ml glass Erlenmeyer flask, 50ml glass graduated cylinder, 100ml plastic cylinder, plastic thistle tube, stainless steel spatula, wooden test tube rack, test tube brush, 8" crucible tongs, 2" clay triangle, brass test tube clamp, cast iron burner tripod, porcelain evaporating dish, porcelain crucible, 1 x 3-3/4" sponge, 4x4" wire gauze, rubberized lab apron and safety goggles. All glassware is Bomex brand. For ages 14 and up.

Choking Warning

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