Archimedes & Door of Science

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One day, when Archimedes and Hiero were having their favorite argument, Archimedes said that it was quite easy to apply mathematics to real things. "In fact,” he said firmly, "I have figured it out carefully, and there is no weight, anywhere, that could not be moved if enough force were applied.” Though it was impossible for Archimedes to move the physical world, there is no doubt he moved the world of science. He began the science of mechanics; he discovered the principle of buoyancy, the laws of the lever and pulleys, and how to measure the circle. He gave mathematics a way of working, and was one of the first to apply scientific thinking to everyday problems. This biography of the ancient Greek, Archimedes, is told in clear, simple terms, and in a lively, humorous style. An excellent way to integrate science and literature. 142 pages, paperback, 5½”x 8½”.

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