Naaman and Sampson - Video

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Mr. Fixit’s famous shop is a haven for kids. In each episode, Mr. Fixit uses his captivating story-telling skills to convey relevant biblical truths from his trademark "big red book.” Your child will view the pages of Mr. Fixit’s big, red, Bible-story book right along with the children who visit his shop. Your child will return again and again to Mr. Fixit’s shop and to the timeless truths that are taught there. This is a series of videos taped at Moody Bible Institute in the 1950’s. Each video contains two Bible stories. Good for the entire family. Moody Video Bible Adventure Volume 5: It’s what’s on the inside that matters most. To avoid tackling anything important, little Sherri uses her size as an excuse. Then she learns how Naaman’s servant girl found a cure for his disease when no one else could. On the other hand, Johnny is the fastest and strongest in school. But, as he learns from Samson, that can be a problem, too, if you don’t use your skills for God.

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