Microscope #456 Stereo (Demo)

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This microscope was used for demonstration purposes and is still in good, fully-functional condition. All the quality features and versatility of larger stereo models, in a compact size—only 12” tall. Ideal size for elementary and middle school, yet rugged enough for high school. Upright, unreversed image is designed for 3-dimensional viewing and dissecting. Choose low magnification (15x) for a wide field of view, then high magnification (45x) for close-up detail. It features paired wide-field eyepieces with diopter adjustment on left side. Objectives are parfocal, parcentered, achromatic. Magnification can be changed by rotating objective turret 90 degrees. Head rotates 360 degrees to permit reverse head position viewing. High intensity 12v, 10 watt incidental and transmitted illumination is built in. Base mounted switches control on/off, separate top or bottom light, or both lights together. Rack and pinion focusing. Supplied with two 80mm stage plates, one frosted glass plate, and one plastic black/white reversible contrast plate. Two locked-on stage clips. Rugged cast metal frame, grey enamel finish. Packaged in molded styrofoam with instruction brochure, vinyl dust cover, and rubber eye shields. Carries a Lifetime Limited Waranty from National Optical.

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