Microscope #185 Mono

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Model 185

The perfect microscope for elementary level instruction. Magnifies 20 times: prepared slides, insects, flowers, rocks, dissecting. Unlike standard classroom microscopes, the image is upright and unreversed, making it easier for young students to manipulate specimen on stage. No accessory mirrors or lights required to see a bright, sharp image. Optical glass lenses and prism. Easy rack and pinion focusing. Metal construction. Great for field trips.

General microscope information
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  • Widefield 10x eyepiece. Locked on.
  • 45¬∞ inclined viewing head rotates 360¬∞.
  • 2x objective lens, for 20x magnification.


  • No extra light needed‚Ķpiece of white paper placed on stage provides all the reflected light necessary.


  • Rack and pinion focusing, special slip clutch to prevent damage to mechanism.
  • Mounted on metal post, adjusts up and down.


  • Stage clips for securing specimen.


  • Rugged, all-metal frame, gray enamel finish, non-skid rubber feet.
  • All parts locked-on to prevent loss.
  • Height 260 mm (10-1/4 in.) extends to 295mm (11-1/2 in.) for larger objects.
  • Net wt. 1.25 kg (2.8 lbs)


  • Molded styrofoam container with instruction brochure and vinyl dustcover.
  • Individual: Ship wt. 2.3 kgs (5 lbs), Dimensions 450x300x275mm (18x12x11 in.)
  • Master carton pack 5 each: Ship wt. 8.6 kgs (19 lbs), Dimensions 775x250x325mm (31x10x13 in.)


(For quantity discounts, contact Donald J Ruark mail@workshopplus.com)

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