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Great Outdoors Games & Puzzles

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Buckley Beaver and Daffodil Duck are the tour guides for a nature excursion like no other! Children will love the curiosities and fun little quirks of the country setting as they work their way through a variety of activities featuring friendly animals, woodland wonders, and other nature themes. Country jokes and riddles will have kids giggling along with the animal guides.

Five sections—A Country Stroll, Crossing a Stream, A Day at the County Fair, Into the Woods, and Hiking Up a Mountain—feature puzzles that progress in difficulty, encouraging children to take the challenge and expand their skills (without becoming frustrated) as they work through the book. Connect-the-dots pictures make way for mazes, then word searches, sudokus, crossword puzzles, and logic problems.

Each illustrated page has lots to look at and plenty of room for small fingers to write. Buckley and Daffodil keep the tone lively throughout. It's an amusing and educational nature walk for city and country kids alike!

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