Magnifying Glass - Safari

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Kids have a fascination with catching and watching bugs, but sometimes bugs can be a little creepy. With the Bug Vacuum, kids can get close to bugs but not have the bug crawling all over them. Kids don't even have to use their hands to catch the bugs! The Bug Vacuum lets curious kids catch live bugs by essentially vacuuming them up into a clear container. (The sucking action of the vacuum isn't so powerful that it kills the bugs.) The extra nose cone comes in handy for really big bugs. Kids will love getting up close with the vacuum's built-in magnifying glass. The capture core attaches to the Backyard Safari Bug Habitat (sold separately) so kids can easily transfer the insects into a larger viewing container. There is also a Lazer Light Bug Vacuum (sold separately) with removable target light and two capture cores.

Parents will want to supervise kids and provide specific guidance about what bugs are and aren't appropriate for this type of play. In other words, ladybugs, yes; bees and wasps, probably not.

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