AO Grade 8 Curriculum w/Kit

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LIFEPAC 8th Grade General Science II is a comprehensive course that covers basic science, physical science, and life sciences. Providing an in-depth look at energy and matter, worktext themes include: Science in Society, Health and Nutrition, Machines, Balance in Nature, and Science in Technology. Students will also learn about properties of manner, food and hygiene, magnetism, and electricity. Types of machines are also discussed in-depth as well as: wheels, axles, pulleys, gears, planes, force, and friction. Perfect for your student, LIFEPAC 8th General Science II Science worktexts are self-paced, lightweight, and mobile so your student can do his lessons anywhere. The LIFEPAC 8th General Science II Science Set and Lab kit contains ten separate worktexts, teacher's guide, and a lab kit for conducting experiments.

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