Slackers Zipline Night Riderz

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Turn your backyard into a 24 hour adventure -party park! Keep the party going into night with a NightRiderz Zipline kit; the most exciting item that you can put in your backyard! The Night Riderz Series Zip-line will light up your ride with super bright, multicolored flashing LED lights and extend fun, outdoor playtime into the night! This super popular, award winning holiday gift is sure to be a hit with everyone on your list! The zip line helps improve strength, athletic skills, and balance, all while zipping through the air just a few feet off the ground. Follow the directions and you'll turn your backyard into a zipline party zone in 30 minutes!

Kit Includes:Cable: 5ft sling, 95 ft main. Hardware: U-clamps, turnbuckle with nuts and bolts. Included: LED Seat, Trolley, Rope Lights, Trolley lights.

Ages 8+, 250LBS – 113KG Max. Weight Limit:

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