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12' sturdy hardwood ruler.
9-volt battery.
600g x 0.1g Digital Pocket Scale.
You Save: $7.20 (36%)
Stainless steel chemical scoop.
Measures in inches and cm. 150 mm x 0.05 mm / 6 inch x 1/128 inch.
Burette, Acrylic, with nonstick Stopcock (PTFE), 50ml capacity, Sub. .1ml
You Save: $2.00 (9%)
Burret clamp for two burets.
Steel weight with hook. 200g
Boyle's Law apparatus demonstrates the relationships among pressure, volume, and temperature.
Solid Aluminum Ball.
D-cell battery holder.
Ideal for acoustic or musical education.
These clay triangles are the perfect tool for heating crucibles!
Two tubes of iron filings to aid your study of magnetism.
The Slinky has been used as a toy by millions of adults and children around the world!
You Save: $1.00 (18%)
A Cartesian diver to make sink and swim. Explore properties of air and water while having fun.
You Save: $0.24 (5%)
3" glass dropper pipette.
Impact resistant, chip-proof, balanced wheel, injection molded V-groove, 2” diameter.
The 4”x6” steel rectangular base is black, and equipped with a rod that is threaded into the base.
You Save: $2.00 (12%)
This 3” diameter ring has a clamp for holding it securely on the ring stand.
Galvanized iron wire squares with ceramic center.
Made from anodized metal, richly plated with high-impact polystyrene body with zero adjustment.
This chemical thermometer has a red liquid-indicating column.
These “Griffin’s low form” beakers are of borosilicate glass, and have a pour spout.
These “Griffin’s low form” beakers are of borosilicate glass, and have a pour spout.
These quality, narrow-mouth flasks are of borosilicate glass for safety and durability.
Unique labyrinth style vents allow 10% more airflow than perforated goggles.
You Save: $1.24 (21%)
One-half ounce dropper botttle of iodine for staining specimens for slide making.
4 oz. plastic funnel, measures 83mm in diameter.
This glass stirring rod is 250mm long.
You Save: $0.35 (28%)
MSR's backpacking stove is the definition of efficiency. At 4" x 2" x 2" and just 3 ounces, it fits unnoticeably inside packs or pants, and then attaches to a propane tank to boil a liter of water in under 3-1/2 minutes. Pocket Rockets need no priming, pressurizing, or maintenance. Additional features include a glove-friendly control for flame adjustment and a tri-sectional wind shield to protect the flame in breezy conditions. When used with an 8-ounce canister of MSR IsoPro fuel the Pocket Rocket can burn for around 60 minutes, or 16 liters' worth of boiled water.
You Save: $4.00 (8%)
13 grams of copper sulfate.
A 10cc bottle of phenolphthalein solution for use in science experiments.
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